How to Preserve Wall Art

How to Preserve Wall Art Prints?


How to Preserve Wall Art:

Whether you’re a collector or wanting to learn how to preserve a favourite piece, knowing how to look after them will help keep them looking great for longer.

Reduce Exposure to Light

Sunlight Affected Room

As we mentioned above, over time UV light will damage the print and cause it to fade and deteriorate. While it makes sense to avoid hanging your print somewhere where it’ll be exposed to direct sunlight, you should know that even ambient light from the sun and artificial light from indoor bulbs can also cause fading. Of course, it’s impossible to prevent entirely, unless you keep your print in a dark, temperature-controlled room – but then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it! So, we recommend protecting your print with UV protected frame.

Maintaining a moderate environment is easier said than done, right? Excess humidity, heat, light and pollution can all affect the longevity of your print, so consider your hanging space carefully. Hang your artwork away from lamps, heaters and keep your frames free of dust by using a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Humidity can cause foxing – ugly brown spots sprinkled over the print and will attract pests like silverfish, so inspect regularly for insects.

Sunlight Exposed Room

Avoid Rolling Your Print

Rolled Prints

If you need to store or transport your print, it’s best done flat between two boards. We recommend you place each print in a separate folder or envelope that can be fixed to prevent sliding while in transit. Excessively tight rolling of prints or painted artwork can potentially damage the paint on some artworks, so if you have to roll it, take it out as soon as it reaches its destination. Our prints come in 16cm extra large tubes to ensure they aren't tightly rolled, have room to breathe and are packed to archival standards.

When Framed, Print work Should Not Touch the Glass

Without realising it, the acrylic or glass in your frame might have oily fingerprints and residue that could cause damage to your print. Use an acid-free spacer and mat within the frame to protect it from unknown pollutants. If you need to secure the print with tape, use museum-quality, archival tapes to avoid damage.

Avoid Handling the Print

Avoid Handling Prints

Oily residues and hidden pollutants on your hands can damage the pigment of your print in ways that may not be instantly obvious. We recommend you avoid touching, or leaning anything against your artwork to avoid damage. Likewise, if you’re storing your print, don’t store one on top of another. Each print should be kept separate in between boards in a climate-controlled environment such as a metal drawer and not in an attic exposed to the elements. We hope this guide has helped you make a more informed choice about selecting, framing and looking after your new art print. I hope this article has better informed you about preserving prints and assists you when purchasing your new prints!




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